My passion for Real Estate began at the age of 19 when, during my sophomore year at Western Michigan University I took the leap to becoming a landlord.  Purchasing a single family home seemed more sensible than continuing to rent collegiate housing. Shortly after, I began an apprenticeship with a Kalamazoo Realtor, learning from the ground up.

Equipped with the knowledge I learnt during this time, along with experience gained from flipping two homes by the time I graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005 I had also passed my Real Estate License.

Changing brokerages helped grow my career and I was able to over areas over a large part of Southern Michigan learning every aspect of the business. However, 2014 presented an unexpected opportunity to open and develop my own brokerage.  It was a true gift for me to be able to form a company built on a foundation of values and beliefs that align with my mission of giving back.

Added to this I was blessed with a group new realtors who inspired the beginning of Bryant Real Estate Group/Sunday Dinner Group. Doubling our projections in the first year solidified the decision to take this step in my career allowing us to give back even more.

The nature of the Real Estate industry is not only cyclical but ever changing.  As a dedicated Real Estate Professional I work diligently to hone my craft, keeping up to date with the current market, industry improvements as well as marketing tools.  It is my aim to make every client feel their goals and needs are met with professionalism, knowledge and heartfelt care.

Joining forces with RE/MAX of Grand Rapids and taking advantage of their brand recognition, tools and resources will enable me to enhance my ability to give back to a community I not only love, but live in.

Being blessed with twin boys and a daughter, my wife and I are even more committed to our overall spirituality and goal setting, and as a result are more determined to follow through on a mission of giving back.